Individuals, large and small business owners, government departments, non-profit organizations, and many others frequently seek professional writing services. A professional writer will work with you to capture your message, develop the appropriate words for it to be conveyed, and ensure its successful delivery to the right audience.

Writing Services

I offer a wide range of writing services, including:

Articles – submissions for newsletters, newspapers, and magazines

Website/online content – keyword and SEO

Creative writing – words to help take that idea from your head and give it life on paper!

Reports – academic, consumer, and business

Transcription and archival services – interviews, seminars, and meetings

Biographies and profiles – personal or business

Ghost writing – fiction or non-fiction

Content development and research services – background research, interviews, critical analysis, etc.

I have worked within several industries and with many different subjects, including (but never limited to!):

  • politics and social issues
  • corporate governance
  • non-profit management
  • pregnancy and parenting
  • reading and writing
  • arts, entertainment, and sports
  • environmental issues