Why do you need an editor?

An editor is a professional who will help polish your words, put the correct tone in your message, and promote your credibility and success through clear and effective communications.

If you have invested your writing skills and valuable time into creating a document, you will only benefit from enlisting the services of an editor to help refine the text and ensure it shines. If you have found yourself struggling over selecting accurate words to make your message clear for your audience, an editor can help you get it right. If you have created any type of written material, an editor will work with you to make it of optimum quality.

Editing Services

I offer my clients the following editing services:

Copy editing – Basic copy editing includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, mechanics of style, and consistency of facts. Other functions include art/illustration placement, citations and permissions needed, and writing/editing of captions.

Stylistic editing – Improving the readability of the document, stylistic editing includes providing clarification where needed, cutting out unnecessary text, and ensuring the reading level is appropriate.

Structural Editing – This form of editing includes clarifying and/or reorganizing the text according to its content and structure.

Fact checking/reference checking – The accuracy of facts and/or quotes used in the text are ensured by referring to sources.

Proofreading – The ‘last step’ in the editing process includes reviewing proofs of edited documents.