About Me

There is a little girl in the middle of the frenzy. The adults are raising their voices, wanting to be heard through the din. The dozen or so children are laughing and shouting and leaping over one another. It is a family Christmas get-together. After receiving nods of approval from the parents, the young ones frantically tear apart the carefully wrapped gifts that were once arranged neatly under the tree. As the shredded paper piles around her, the little girl clutches in her hands a storybook: her attention is seized. Carefully turning the pages, she pays no attention to the other gifts around her – the dolls and knitted hats and toys. Barely out of diapers, she has yet to learn to read the words dancing before her eyes. But that does not deter her. She is enchanted.

That little girl was me. Even back then, I was drawn to the magic of words and to the art of a story. I find it irresistible creating and shaping sentences, paragraphs, documents, and ideas. That’s what led me to develop my freelance business. Today I have the pleasure of helping my clients with their writing and editing needs.

And yes – I am just as enchanted with books now as I was back then!